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Zappitella wins rematch vs Sisson by split decision

A rematch of two former WXC amateur competitors happened in our pro ranks at WXC 71 as Alesha ‘Half Pint’ Zappitella fought ‘The Sensation’ Kyna Sisson. These two first met at WXC 56 in March of 2015. In that amateur match, Sisson was victorious by a second round submission. Since that match was for a WXC amateur championship, these two were perfect additions to the 10th annual night of champions card.

the match began with Zappitella throwing a lot of overhand rights to try to get on the inside of the taller Sisson. After a low kick by Sisson, Zapitella caught it and got a single leg. Zappitella was all over Sisson, not allowing her to spin out. Sisson wasn’t taking much damage but stayed on bottom, even after a failed arm bar attempt. Zappitella stayed on top in guard, but couldn’t seem to pass the legs of Sisson. Ref stands them up as Zappitella landed a big right. Sisson tried a clinch but Zappitella reversed it and got on top in guard. Sisson got back to her feet but Zappitella landed a nice hip toss before standing up and trying for another pass. Sisson tried for an arm bar but Zappitella walked over to get out as round one ended.

Zappitella landed a nice left hook to open the second frame. Zappitella shot for a double and got side control. Sisson tried to use her legs to keep Alesha off her and it helped her to get back to guard. However Alesha was still on top. Omoplata attempt by Sisson failed as Zappitella spun out and returned back to guard on top. Zappitella tried to stack Sisson but can’t seem to get past the guard. Round two ended with Zappitella on top in guard.

Round three starts with a straight left by Zappitella which stuned Sisson briefly. Sisson answered with a few low kicks before Zappitella got another take down. In guard, Zappitella put Sisson head up against the cage fence. Zappitella continued to work on top as Sisson tried for another arm bar. Since Sisson is smashed up against the cage, she wasn’t able to get it as Zappitella step back and got to her feet. Zappitella then got back on top of Sisson as she dove in on the ground.  A few up-kicks and punches end the third round for this fight.

Now to the score cards as the judges have it, 29-28 & 30-27 Zappitella and 29-28 Sisson for your winner by split decision, Alesha Zappitella. The SFS fighter wins the rematch and improves to (3-0) as Sisson falls to (3-2). For the rest of the results from WXC 71, click here.

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