WXC returns to weekend shows with WXC 87

Detroit, MI- After 11 successful shows for our mid-week Warrior Wednesday series on UFC Fight Pass, we will be moving to back to weekend shows for the rest of our 2020 event schedule.

The first show scheduled for the weekend slate of the year will be on Friday April 10th, 2020. Ticket pricing, venue information and fight card will be available shortly. The fights will still be broadcasted live on UFC Fight Pass just like Warrior Wednesdays.

The move back to weekend shows will allow us to showcase more of our local talent and style to the global UFC Fight Pass audience. “We are excited for the opportunity to do weekend shows for UFC Fight Pass. Warrior Wednesday was great way for us to get noticed on the platform and now we are ready to take over the weekend too.” said WXC co-owner Mike Pedenelli. Stay tuned to WXCMMA.com for more information on WXC 87 in the coming weeks.

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