WXC Evolution for Saturday June 24th will feature 2 women’s fights from WXC 54

We are going back to WXC 54 with two classic bouts from our female divisions for the next episode of WXC Evolution. The first bout pits Alesha Zappittela against Elaine Santiago. This was the second amateur bout for the SFS product Zappittela. The former high school wrestler was what most considered at the time an underdog to Santiago. At the time, Santiago had more experience and a good amount of hype behind her heading into this fight. Despite the perceived odds against her, Alesha ‘Half Pint’ turned  in a wonderful performance against Santiago for an upset win.

The second bout featured on this week’s show is Crystal Baetz against Miranda Dearing. For Baetz, this ended up being her one and only mma bout, amateur or professional. Baetz had a military background and wanted to test her resolve by stepping into the WXC steel. Even though she only did this one bout, she went out a winner against the former SFS product Dearing, who now trains with American Top Team in Florida. This was hard fought battle by both ladies and is a good one to sit back and watch.

These two bouts will be shown on WXC Evolution, which will be shown live on TV 20 Detroit on Saturday June 24th at 1pm eastern. Check your local listings from your cable/satellite provider for HD options and  exact channel number. So set your DVR’s or tune in live this Saturday for another episode of WXC Evolution!

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