WXC 69: Illuminate weigh-in results

WXC 69: Illuminate official weigh-ins, 7pm on Thursday July 13th, 2017 at the Southgate Civic Center. Check below for all of the fighters official weights for the fights on Friday!

Official Results

Main Event: Flyweight title fight

Malcolm Gordon- 127

Michael Jordan- 126

Co-main event: Catchweight bout

Josh Visel- 152

Deven Brown- 150

Catchweight bout

Dequan Townsend- 182

Willis Black- 175

Bantamweight bout

Mike Johnson- 135

Mitchell Tucker- 137

Catchweight bout

Devin Smyth- 179

Darrius Flowers- 180

Lightweight bout

Louis Radecki- 157

Ken Hunt- 158

Welterweight bout

Josh Brueckner- 173

Rocco Saracco- 172

Featherweight bout

Jordan McGuire- 147

Elijah Cavender- 145

Bantamweight bout

Justin Street- 134

Danny Moore- 134

(Amateur) Lightweight title fight

Jesse Smitherman- 155

Mike Glenn- 158

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