WXC 69: Illuminate favorite moment results

WXC 69 had a lot of great moments, especially when all but one bout ended in a finish. What moment was the one that forced jumping, screaming, yelling or cheering ? Below were a few of the great moments from our last show, which fans voted on. Voting ran Sunday July 23, 2017 through Thursday July 27th. Thanks to everyone that voted and attend WXC 69. Here are the official results;

Winner- Deven Brown vs Josh Visel (39%)

2nd place- Jesse Smitherman Uppercut KO (32%)

3rd place- Dequan Townsend Head-kick KO (16%)

4th place- Malcolm Gordon Right-hook KO (8%)

5th place- Devin Smyth rear-naked choke (3%)

6th place- Other (2%)


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