WXC 68 Weigh-In video/results

WXC 68: Nemesis official weigh-ins took place at 7pm on Thursday April 27th at the Eastern Michigan University Conovaction center. Check out the video to see all fighters step on the scale and face-off before they step into the cage on Friday!

WXC weigh ins from Ben Hammond on Vimeo.

Official Results

Main Event: Bantamweight title fight

Johnny Bedford- 135 lbs

Eric Higaonna- 135 lbs

Co-main event: Welterweight title fight

Evan Cutts- 170 lbs

Willis Black- 170 lbs

Catchweight bout

Jason Fischer- 160 lbs

Adam Smith- 160 lbs

WXC Middleweight title fight

Joe Riggs- 182 lbs

Jerome Jones- 184 lbs

Catchweight bout

Marcus Maulding- 198 lbs

Robert Gidron- 192 lbs

Catchweight bout

Levi Mowles- 140 lbs

Keith Bullock Jr.- 155 lbs

Catchweight bout

DC Carter- 149 lbs

Brandon Noble- 148 lbs

Featherweight bout

Adam King- 145 lbs

Russ Campbell- 146 lbs

Featherweight bout

Danny Moore- 145 lbs

Michael Johnson- 145 lbs

Bantamweight bout

Justin Street- 132 lbs

Tim Eschtruth-134 lbs

Lightweight bout (Amateur)

Darius Hardwick- 155 lbs

Jesse Smitherman- 154 lbs

Lightweight bout (Amateur)

Mike Glenn- 155 lbs

Jesse Smith-154 lbs

Catchweight bout (Amateur)

Paul Sweepy- 156 lbs

Brent Payne- 157 lbs




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