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We decided to show the MMA community how EXCITING high level Flyweights can be on this fight card! Next up for WXC 67 we have Michigans #1 ranked 125er Jesse Bazzi Vs the undefeated and VERY dangerous Jared Scoggins.


We lost our Main Event for WXC 67 so we decided to stack this fight card with mainly top Michigan Fighters! Next up we have the VERY dangerous Deven Brown who is coming off of a devastating 7 sec KO to face Adam King who’s plans on shocking the division by taking out one of the best in the state! Get tickets NOW from your favorite fighter or go to wxcmma.com


We needed to add some HEAVY hitters to WXC 67 on Feb 17th! Both Eric Burress and Marcus Maulding only know how to go for the finish so this fight WILL NOT make it to the judges! Contact your favorite fighter or go to wxcmma.com for tickets.


We have another EXPLOVIVE Flyweight match up for WXC 67 on Feb 17th! The VERY determined Thomas Fudoli Vs Justin Street who’s making his Pro debut could easily be Fight of The Night! This is going to be another amazing event!


Unfortunately injuries are a part of or sport! On Feb 17th Tabatha Watkins is stepping up to make her Pro debut Vs Rachel Sazoff coming from New Jersey! We are excited to open up the Atom-weight division at WXC 67.. much more to come! go to wxcmma.com for more info.


We are bringing in a lot of our former Champs and loyal Fighters for WXC 67! Next up we have a VERY pissed off Brandon “The Beast” Noble ready to test Lou Radecki who’s prepared to make a statement on the Pro scene with a big win!


We wanted to test Mike Johnson our BEAST Champion before he makes the jump to the the Pro circuit! No one better for the challenge him then Buddy Poyner who’s earned his shot at the belt! This event for WXC 67 on Feb 17th will show why well matched fight cards helps make our sport so exciting and helps to keep the integrity in place.


The WXC 67 fight card is looking VERY nice! Next up we have 2 fighters that are both absolute killers inside that cage. Moe Shatri Vs Jake May GUARANTEES some fireworks on Feb 17th! Get your ticket from your favorite fighter for support or go to wxcmma.com


It’s time to start promoting our amateur bouts for WXC 67 on Feb 17th. Tyler Pitock is making his return to the WXC steal to face the much-improved and very dangerous Trever Alden. If you love MMA and or you like not-stop in your face action don’t miss this amazing night of fights!


Next up for WXC 67 on Feb 17th we have Danny Berry Vs Keaten Gatzmer on our amateur side of the card! Danny is making his return to the cage after a long lay off to face Keaten who plans on proving that he’s MUCH improved and prepared to shock A LOT of people with a big win!


We wanted to add some bigger boys to THROWDOWN on the WXC 67 fight card! Next up we have Travis Raminger coming from the U.P. to battle Kevin Wallace on Feb 17th! wxcmma.com


It seems like we always end up with at least one BAD BLOOD match up on each fight card! Travis Murchinson Vs Marcus Maulding is NOT making it to the judge cards! Get your tickets NOW for WXC 67 on Feb 17th from your favorite fighter or go towxcmma.com


We take pride in helping our amateurs develop into Pro fighters! Next up for WXC 67 we have Ricky Smith making his MMA debut Vs Darius Hardrick who is also new to our cage! This event is STACKED with solid match-ups and will be non-stop in your face action from start to finish!