WXC 65 College Throwdown II

It’s time to release one of our BLOCKBUSTER Championship match-ups for WXC 65!    We now have Rafael Alves coming up from ATT in Cape Coral Flordia to face Michigan’s Jason Fischer! Both fighters are at the top of their game and are prepared to put on one hell of a show for our Main Event at WXC 65 on Oct 21st! Tickets Available HERE!


It’s time to get our promotional machine going for WXC 65 with an EXPLOSIVE matchup! Brandon Mclaughlin Vs David Newport will be all out WAR! Oct 21st at the EMU Convo Center is going to be an EPIC night of fights! wxcmma.com


Next up for WXC 65 we have 2 fighters that have been in many battles inside our cage! George Simos is more than ready to make his Pro debut Vs the VERY dangerous DC Carter on Oct 21st!


Next up for WXC 65 on Oct 21st we have 2 of the most athletic and talented amateur fighters to ever come thru our cage! Josh Brueckner is making his Pro debut Vs The very HEAVY handed Willis Black. FIREWORKS!!!!


Next up for WXC 65 we have a match up that’ll bring out the best out of both fighters! The always dangerous Marcus Maulding is stepping up in weight to face Greg Lee Sizemore who’s ready to make a statement in front of his hometown fans on Oct 21st at EMU!


Let’s keep the momentum going for WXC 65 on Oct 21st! One of our long time WARRIORS John Slayton is making his return to the cage to face Travis Murchison who just had a DEVASTATING head-kick KO at our last show. Don’t Blink for this match-up!


Here is one of our most intriguing match ups for WXC 65 on Oct 21st! Kelly True who has coached and helped so many people in Michigan MMA is ready to make a come back Vs Kyle Pilarski who is in his primed and making his Pro debut in his home at EMU!


Our next Pro match up for WXC 65 on Oct 21st is Tim Eschtruth Vs Thomas Fudoli! This fight will be a high paced non-stop battle in our cage at the EMU Convo Center! You won’t want to miss this AMAZING event.


It’s time to start releasing some of our EXPLOSIVE Championship amateur matchups for WXC 65! Let’s start with Tyler Resterhouse Vs Justin Street who are both ready to make the jump to the Pros yet want one last WAR in our cage as an Ammy. Oct 21st at the EMU Convo Center = FIREWORKS!


Next up for WXC 65 we have two fighters that are both coming out of top camps in the region SFS and MTT. Akash Pannu has earned his shot at the Belt and Dante Brown is prepared to prove that he is the TOP ammy 55er in the State! Oct 21st at EMU is going to be an EPIC event!


Here is another Championship match up for WXC 65 on Oct 21st that’ll keep the fans on the edge of their seats! Shamone Shahid and Mike Johnson are both VERY athletic and dangerous fighters with potential to go far in our sport! Get Tickets Now at EMUTIX.com or wxcmma.com


WXC 65 needed a SOLID female match up to help enhance this already STACKED fight card for Oct 21st at EMU! Jennifer Johnson Vs Hayley Turner is going to be an all out WAR! These girls have become true martial artist and both leave it ALL in the cage! EMUTIX.com wxcmma.com


We had to get the “Zombie” Grant Cashman back in our cage for WXC 65 on Oct 21st! The very game Trever Alden is stepping up to fight on Grant’s home turf at EMU! Get your tickets now at EMUTIX.com or wxcmma.com


Next up for WXC 65 on Oct 21st we have two top ammy’s that are almost ready to make the jump to the Pros! Daniel Bostick Vs Buddy Poyner is another INTENSE match up on this STACKED fight card!