The Bad Blood matchup that all our fans wanted to see is finally set in stone for Aug 13th at WXC 64! Mike Hernandez Vs Johnny Bedford is a WAR that you won’t want to miss! We’re bringing in some of the best fighters in the region and Beyond to complement this INTENSE Main Event!.. much more to come! For TICKETS CLICK HERE! Official line up at MMA.TV LIVE PPV at GFL.TV


Injury’s are part of our sport. Luckily when we have an injury we normally bring in a bigger name for a replacement. Leroy Johnson is Mich #1 undefeated Heavyweight. We are now bringing in Pat Walsh 7-2 who has been on TUF and is one of the best in the country and beyond! WXC 64 on Aug 13th is an EPIC fight card!


To show our support to the “Queen of Michigan MMA” Amanda Bobby Cooper before her big fight., We decided to release 3 SFS match-ups a little early! Let’s start with an EXPLOSIVE fight between Murjan Flowers and Michael Jordan on Aug 13 at WXC 64! We’re expecting an all out WAR in this one!


Let’s keep the momentum going for WXC 64 on Aug 13th! Next up we have two of our former ammy Champions ready to go to WAR! Josh Visel Vs Antoine Blassingame is going to be INTENSE!!! If you’ve ever seen these 2 warriors in the cage than you already know….FIREWORKS!


Here is another SOLID match up for WXC 64 on Aug 13th! Marcus Maulding from SFS is dangerous with very HEAVY hands and Brandon Noble from MTT has a NASTY head kick! Don’t Blink for this fight!


We needed one more EXPLOSIVE Championship match up to make WXC 64 an EPIC must see show! Malcolm Gordon is ready to come back on Aug 13th to try to get another BIG win.. this time it’s Vs the #1 ranked Flyweight in Michigan Jesse R Bazzi!


Next up we have Greg Sizemore Vs Travis Pettengill ready to keep their winning streak going at WXC 64! Both fighters wanted this match-up and we expect an all out WAR on Aug 13th!


WXC 64 on Aug 13th is already STACKED with explosive match-ups! We decided to put some icing on the cake by matching up two of the most dangerous fighters to ever come through our cage! Willis Black Vs Michael Gillmore is going to be INSANE!


It’s time to start announcing the amateur match ups for WXC 64 on Aug 13th! Let’s start with our high flying 125 Championship. We have the Muay Thai kid Munib Alsalmani out of MTT Vs the VERY dangerous Justin Street coming out of Stars and Strikes! get you’re tickets at wxcmma.com ASAP!

wxc64streetvsmunib2 1

We’ve been looking all over the region trying to find a quality match up for our 185 BEAST Champion Dean Caldwell out of Stars and Strikes. Luckily I finally found Chris Cameron who’s now training at SFS and is coming for that Belt! Don’t miss this STACKED fight card on Aug 13th at the Taylor Sportsplex!

wxc64deancaldwellvscameron 1

Let’s keep the momentum going with another Championship match up for WXC 64! Michael Johnson from Stars and Strikes EXPLODED onto the ammy MMA scene! He’s ready to be tested by Darnell White who’s HUNGRY for that WXC belt! Got to wxcmma.com for tickets and info.

wxc64whitevsjohnson 2

Next up for WXC 64 on Aug 13th we have two absolute killers! Erick Lora and Ken Hunt are two of the most athletic and talented fighters in their division. Don’t blink for this match up. Go to wxcmma.com for tickets and info.


Russell Campbell has been fighting for us for many years and is determined to capture his first WXC belt. We matched him up Vs the dangerous Jamal Buckner out of Stars and Strikes who has beaten Russell in the past. Get your tickets for WXC 64 on Aug 13th at wxcmma.com ASAP!


Here is another solid match up for WXC 64 on Aug 13th! Introducing Daniel Bostick to our cage who I’ve heard is a high flying explosive fighter. We matched him up Vs the very well rounded Thomas Martin out of MTT!


Next up for WXC 64 we have 2 of our ammy vets Larry Roy out of True Fighter Vs Akash Pannu out of MTT! Both fighters wanted this match up and are ready to throw down on Aug 13th! wxcmma.com


Next up in the prelims for WXC 63 we have Keaten Gatzmer Vs Nick Fillion! Both fighters are looking to make a statement in the Flyweight division.wxcmma.com


Here is another solid prelim match-up for WXC 63! Gary Edwards from True Fighter has something to prove Vs Mike Kowalski out of MTT! wxcmma.com


We needed to add some big boys to WXC 64 that both go for the finish! Travis Murchison Vs Floyd Rush out of True Fighter is going to be a WAR!! Don’t blink during this match up! wxcmma.com


WXC 64 on Aug 13th is almost here! Here is the Itinerary for all fighters, trainers, managers and staff-members.

13925892_10154558457264050_7579277287686034275_o (1)

We believe this STACKED fight card for WXC 64 is going to ignite us onto the Global MMA stage! We’ve had some amazing events over the years yet this show is something SPECIAL! Aug 13th is coming quickly so get you’re tickets soon @ wxcmma.com!