Watch Free or PPV internet video stream of WXC 63 – Taylor Moore Vs Johnny Bedford Apr 23, 2016

Unfortunately injuries are a part of our sport. It’s always next man up and our very own Taylor Moore is stepping up BIG TIME to face Johnny Bedford for our Main Event on April 23rd at WXC 63! We love this match up!


It’s time to get the WXC 63 promotional machine started! We have some explosive match-ups to kick off this “New Era” of MMA in Michigan. Lets start with two of the top Pro female fighters in the region.. Kyna Sission and Calie Cutler are prepared to go to WAR on April 23rd to capture our Straw-weight Belt! Stay tuned…much more to come! For Tickets click HERE.

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WXC 63 on April 23rd is STACKED with solid match ups! Antoine Blassingame Vs Deven Brown = FIREWORKS! Both fighters have been in many WARS in our cage over the years! Much more to come!


This match-up for WXC 63 should get everyone in our area excited! Murjan Flowers Vs Drew Morais is going to be an absolute WAR on April 23rd! This is Drew’s last fight and Murjan plans on crashing the retirement party!


We decided to add two more of our former amateur Champions to WXC 63! Jerome Otler Vs Rick Morais is a perfect match up to add to this card! Both fighters have been in so many battles over the years. On April 23rd they plan on making their mark on the Pro circuit.. more to come!


We needed to add some heavier Pro fighters to WXC 63 ! Eric Morrison is also one our former amateur champions who is ready to go to WAR Vs the very dangerous Greg Sizemore on April 23rd!.. more to come!


Our stacked fight for WXC 63 on April 23rd continues to improve! We decided to add ANOTHER former amateur Champion of ours to the card! Thomas Fudoli is prepared to go to WAR Vs Jake May who is one of the best strikers in the state!


Aaron Smith Vs Floyd Jones is the perfect match up for our first sanctioned amateur fight in Michigan! Both fighters wanted a TRUE test before they go Pro and they definitely got what they wanted! Don’t miss WXC 63 on April 23rd…more to come!


Let’s keep the promotional machine going with our next solid match-up for WXC 63! Darryol Humphery Vs Jesse R Bazzi will be a fast paced non stop BATTLE on April 23rd! It’s amazing that every Pro match up so far on this card are all former amateur WXC champions.. more to come!


Lets keep our momentum going for WXC 63 by adding an amateur championship match up that everyone wants to see! Canada’s pride.. Wolf Tabobondung is coming back to put his undefeated record on the line Vs the VERY dangerous and experienced Jose Johnson…more fireworks for Apr 23rd!


Here is another solid amateur Championship match up for WXC 63. This is Tyler’s last amateur fight before going Pro and he plans on going out with a BANG! Aaron is planning on making a name in our MMA world by taking out the Champ on Apr 23rd!


We had another injury so Big John Slayton decided to step up and make his Pro debut Vs the very Dangerous Travis Pettengill at WXC 63 on April 23rd.


Check out our explosive Pro match ups for WXC 63 on April 23rd! It’s hard to pick who’s favored in each match up and that’s how we like it..WXC style!


Here is the WXC 63 itinerary! Less than 3 weeks until the Big show! All fighters be prepared to put on another great night of fights for our loyal fans! Stay tuned… much more info to come!


We are lucky to have these two BEAUTY queens Kayla Wall and Daria Rottenberk ready to work the cage at WXC 63 on April 23rd! We have an absolutely STACKED fight card and some special guests attending! Get your tickets now from your favorite fighter or go to wxcmma.com



It’s Fight Day! Here is the final fight card for WXC 63. After watching the weigh ins last night I know this card has the most intense match-ups that we’ve ever had in one show! Get you’re tickets NOW! wxcmma.com


We are proud of all our WARRIORS that went to battle at WXC 63! Here is a tribute to all the winners from that EXPLOSIVE night of fights!


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