Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting returns to Crystal Gardens Banquet Center Southgate, MI on Sept 11th for another round of LIVE MMA Action!! Come out and support our Veterans on this charity event and enjoy a Professional level fighters going at it all night long on another blockbuster WXC MMA fight card! See you cageside #wxc for more info go to wxcmma.com Get your TICKETS HERE!

It’s time to start the promotional machine for our charity event for WXC 60 on Sept 11th. Khaos Williams Vs Willis Black is the PERFECT Main Event for such a Stacked fight card. Both fighters are at the top of the Ammy food chain and are already Pro caliber fighters….much more to come!


Floyd Jones Vs Antoine Blassingame is one of the most anticipated amateur fights that WXC has had in a while. These two Warriors have been on a collision coarse and it’s a great test before they both go Pro!..we have 6 belt fights on this fight card so stay tuned!


Let’s keep it going with another Championship fight for WXC 60 on Sept 11th! Shamone Shahid Vs Dylan Carpenter is guaranteed to be a fast pace, high flying WAR! Both fighters are at the top of their game…don’t blink during this fight!


Here is another Champion fight for WXC 60 on Sept 11th ! Derius Carter Vs Adam Trombley is going to be a knock down drag out WAR inside of our cage!


WXC 60’s fight card continues to improve. We are excited to bring Aaron Harley down to go to WAR with the always dangerous Tyler Resterhouse for WXC gold!


Welcome back to MMA Tyler Meadows! WXC 60 has by far the most talent that I’ve ever put on one amateur fight card. The VERY dangerous Darnell White Vs Tyler match up will definitely not make it to the judges!


Its time to rev up our promotional machine for WXC 60 Perseverance !!! Coming off of our Best Pro show to date we want to keep the momentum going with this absolutely STACKED amateur fight card! Much more to come…stay tuned!



Unfortunately injuries are a part of our sport. WXC always has top talent ready to step up. Josh Guthrie has been on a tear and is overly excited to face our Champion DC Carter on Sept 11th…much more to come!



WXC decided to add a kickboxing match to this already stacked fight card. Anyone who follows Marcus Maulding and QC Torres already knows that this will be a stand-up WAR…don’t blink for this fight!


Here is another solid match up for WXC 60 on Sept 11th! Jeremiah Powers Vs Cody Southerland is going to be a fast pace Bantamweight battle!


Keaten Gatzmer and Dwayne Taylor are both new to our sport yet it was such a good match up it was the first draw WXC has ever had in 59 shows. This rematch is a must!!


WXC 60 on Sept 11th is officially stacked top to bottom! Mean Dean Walsh has been with us since the begining! Dean plans on welcoming the very dangerous Chad Roge to the WXC cage with a KO!



Now WXC 60 is a must see fight card! Everyone loves to see female fighters go to battle! Jennifer Johnson and Lauren Jones are both gamers and we expect an absolute WAR on Sept 11th!


The WXC 60 fight card is officially completed! Cofield Vs Robinson are going to open the night with a Bang!


Here is the final fight card for WXC 60 on Sept 11th. Can you say STACKED! We wanted to go BIG for our 60th show! Mission accomplished with SIX belt shots surrounded by some of the top ammy’s in Michigan




We wanted to make our 60th show one to be remembered…Mission accomplished! Six Championship fights surrounded by great matchups..,WXC style! STACKED!



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