WXC 57 SFS vs The World IV

We are excited to announce our upcoming event Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting & Big Al’s Promotion Proudly Presents;

WXC 57 SFS vs The World IV at 59 WEST is going down on May 16th..




We finally have our Main Event for WXC 57! Mark Walker Vs Taylor Moore is a match up that should be on a Pro card. Get your tickets now because this fight guarantees a sell out!


The fight card for WXC 57 is looking very nice! We are excited to match up “SFS” one of the top MMA camps in the region. Let’s start with Mitchell Tucker Vs Will Frost! This fight could easily be on a pro card and should be a War…Stay tuned! Much more to come!



We love this match up for WXC 57! Antoine Blassingame Vs John Chalbeck has fight of the night written all over it! SFS is truly going to be tested at this show.


WXC 57 SFS vs The World IV Zacc Palmer vs Matt Christopher Featherweight bout is set to do down on May 16th Don’t miss this one!



Here is another blockbuster match up for WXC 57! Taylor Duerr EXPLODED onto the mma scene at our last event, and Aaron Dickey is making his come back after a few years away from the cage…Don’t blink!


WXC 57 SFS vs The World IV Ruppel vs Baker   is set in the lightweight division, going down on May 16th    See you Cageside



In honor of the biggest boxing match of the century going down tonight, we decided to have our first boxing fight in our cage. Marcus Mauliding and Russ Dobson are putting on the 10oz gloves and going to WAR on May 16th at WXC 57!


Here is another solid match up for WXC 57 on May 16th! JFK Vs Dylan Carpenter makes this card absolutely stacked with some of Michigan’s top Amateur fighters.



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