WXC 27 The Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor was the home of Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting’s latest and greatest event: Flawless. The event got its name from the flawless records that some of these warriors were putting on the line. With a crew that includes promoter Jeff Pitock, co-promoter Norbert Pasztor, matchmaker Mike Pedenelli and the microphone master himself, Pete “Mr. Throwdown” Trevino Jr., WXC seems to have found a winning formula. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to be there in person for this MMA extravaganza, but thanks to our buddy Norbert, we were able to get some results for you! If you haven’t been to a live WXC show, than you need to put it on your “MMA to-do list”. As a matter of fact, you’ll have a chance to do so on March 19th at their next show at Skateland West entitled “Evolution”. Also, you can get a sample of the type of action you can expect on WXC’s YouTube Channel, or read the News Herald Blog’s article about the event by David Doig



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