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Wilson earns a hard fought win for his pro debut vs Theuer

A 140 lbs. catchweight bout between Pancho Theuer and Damon Wilson took place at WXC 71. This was the pro MMA debut for Wilson and the first fight for Pancho in almost 2 years. Both fighters also were making their debut with WXC at Night of Champions X.

To start round one, Wilson landed a nice right before a clinch. Wilson then put Theuer’s back on the fence. Wilson landed a high single leg but Theuer tried an arm bar which caused Wilson to disengage. Wilson then got another take down as Theuer threatened with a submission. Wilson passed the guard but Theuer spun out and Wilson stands up. Now standing, Wilson re-engaged with Theuer who was still on his back. Theuer rolled for a heel hook but couldn’t get it. Wilson then got the back mount. Wilson threw some brutal elbows from the top in back mount but Theuer held on as round one ended.

Wilson tried for another take down to start round two but Theuer countered with a side headlock. Wilson worked around the hold but Theuer pulled guard for a guillotine attempt. Wilson stands back up and they exchanged briefly on the feet before Wilson dove in for another take down. Theuer went for a few arm bars but Wilson got out of them and then got half guard. Theuer rolled for another heel hook and came close but Wilson punched his way out. Round two ends with a few strikes exchanged then a clinch.

They clinch to start round three. Theuer stopped a take down by Wilson as they continued to clinch. After his second attempt of the round, Wilson got the take down and passed for side control. Theuer recovered guard, landed some up kicks before Wilson collapsed back on top in guard. Wilson pulled out of another arm bar attempt by Theuer and got side control. Theuer spun out and worked to get on top and land some ground and pound as round three ends.

Damon Wilson beats Pancho Theuer officially by unanimous decision (30-27 on all three cards) for his first pro MMA win and is now (1-0). Theuer falls to (2-3) in his career. For the rest of the results from WXC 71, click here.

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