Willis Black becomes WXC Welterweight champion at WXC 74

Southgate, MI- In the main event of WXC 74: Allegiance, Willis ‘Silverback’ Black took on Jake ‘Brutal’ Bostwick for the vacant WXC Welterweight title. This fight was non-stop action right from the opening bell as Black threw a flying knee to start the fight. Black then started throwing punches, Bostwick countered and landed a big right as they clinched. Black let go of the headlock and then continued to swing bombs. Black hit a big right that dropped Bostwick and another as he hit the ground.

Once Bostwick hit the ground and with one follow up punch by Black, the ref stopped this one at just 17 seconds in round one. Willis Black becomes the new WXC Welterweight champion and is now (6-2) in his career. Bostwick falls to (18-10). For the rest of the results from WXC 74, click here.

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