Williams makes it five wins in a row at WW9

Southgate, MI- The co-main event of Warrior Wednesday IX pitted Khaos Williams against Jeremie Holloway. The fight was fought in the Welterweight division.

Kick then combos from Williams. Then a big leg kick from Williams. Holloway with a low kick then a nice counter right. Williams missed on two hooks then a big shot from Holloway. Low kick landed for Holloway but Williams used it for a take down.

Holloway was working from guard on his back on Williams. Holloway tried for a triangle but Williams postured out and stayed on top. Williams was landing short shots on the inside then a big elbow. Holloway grabbed the head lock and used it to get back to his feet.

Big right by Khaos then a kick. Holloway hit a nice kick to the body too. Right by Williams again then a jab by Williams. Low kick by Williams buckled Holloway briefly then a big rush by Williams. He hit some hooks before forcing a clinch.

Williams was then working from the clinch with Holloway’s back to the cage as the horn for round 1 sounded. Huge left then another by Williams that rocks Holloway. Williams rushed in but Holloway recovered quickly and circled back to the center. Holloway with a jab then another as Williams scored with a low kick. Another big left by Williams as he forced a body lock.

Holloway got out with a spin and a elbow. Both traded low kicks then a jab and a big over hand right by Williams. Low kick by Holloway then a right hook landed for him too. Then they both traded big hooks. Williams with a huge right again.

Low kick by Holloway then a right for Williams. Spinning kick missed for Holloway and Williams almost countered it with a take down. Right hand landed again for Williams. Jab by Holloway. Left hook then low kick by Holloway. Then Williams went low. Right missed for Williams then a nice push kick by Holloway. We now head to a round 3.

Left hook for Holloway then another as Williams forced a clinch. They break as Williams landed a huge jab. Left by Holloway then right by Williams with a left counter by Holloway. Both traded low kicks then a Williams jab. Low kick by Holloway. Left hook by Holloway.

Big shot for Williams then a jab. Holloway with a low kick then a right. High kick partially landed for Holloway then a straight left. Williams was stunned by a left then started swinging and got a take down.

Holloway with a triangle attempt but Williams worked out. Then Williams landed three big elbows over the top to the head. Williams worked to get half guard. He then landed some more elbows.

Williams landed more big shots as he finally was able to posture up. Williams landed a shot and moved into side control as the horn sounded for round 3. We now head to the judges score cards for the first time tonight.

Khaos Williams defeats Jeremie Holloway by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3). For full results from Warrior Wednesday IX click here.

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