White wins in pro debut over Scott at WW8

Southgate, MI- The first pro fight of the night for UFC Fight Pass was in the 135 lbs. division. A pair of fighters were making there pro debuts on Devil’s night as Bryan Scott took on Darnell White.

White hit a left hook then Scott forced a body lock then White hit a nice trip. White went for a guillotine choke but Scott worked his head out. Scott was then on top in guard as White went for an arm bar but Scott postured out.

White then got taken down by Scott who got a body lock after getting out of the arm bar. Scott had mount for a second then White tried to spin out but Scott took his back and was working for a choke. White got out of the choke but Scott moved back into mount.

White tried to escape again but Scott followed and got the back again. Scott worked for another choke but White was defending it very well. Eventually popped his head out and turned and got on top in full guard. White tried to posture and pass and hit a few shots to the head as round one ended.

Leg kick by Scott then two high kicks from White with both partially landing. Then a nice low kick then spin kick by White. Then White charged in and hit several big punches as Scott got a body lock to try and slow down White.

Scott had White in the clinch up against the cage and tried for a throw but it failed and White got on top in guard. Then White rained down some shots before passing to side control. Scott worked for the back door and escaped. Then Scott was top in side control.

Scott had mount then White spun to escape but Scott took the back. White worked out and got back on top in full guard. White was working to pass and does by landing a big right. Scott tried to turtle and roll out but White countered and took mount. White ended round two hitting a big elbow on top in mount.

Scott tried for a take down but White stopped it then hit a big right hand. Then White hit a few body kicks as well before another right hand. Then two legs chop Scott down as White hit an axe kick to the body. Scott tried for a knee bar after the kick.

White worked out of the submission and got into side control on top. Scott was trying to escape out the back door again but White was holding onto his head tight. Ref James Lee then stands them up.

White hit more kicks on Scott then just missed a spinning back kick. White was stalking Scott looking to land a big one. Scott then forced a clinch and got a take down as the bell for the final round sounds.

Officially Darnell ‘The Jackal’ White wins his pro MMA debut (29-28 x3) over Bryan Scott by unanimous decision. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday VIII, click here.

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