Voting results for fan favorite moment of WXC 70

After a week of voting over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, you the fans have decided what moment from WXC 70 on Veteran’s Day 2017 will be. Seven nominees were up for the honor but only one walked away with it. Your WXC 70 fan favorite moment is Mattie Habibian’s unanimous decision victory over Madeline Olsen! You can watch that by clicking here. Congrats to the winner and thank you to everyone that voted. Pro fights from WXC 70 can be watched on UFC Fightpass & our amateur portion of the card can be watched right here on our website or Facebook page. Below are the official results from the vote.

Winner: Mattie Habibian vs Madeline Olsen- 50%

2nd place: Darnell White KO over Joe Nagy- 25%

3rd place: Lynz Stevens vs Dana Crisi- 10%

4th place: Moe Shatri vs Brandon McLaughlin- 7%

5th place: Other- 5%

6th place: Eric Ramirez submission over Jesse Bazzi- 3%

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