Vargas wins in highlight reel fashion over Kakhramonov

Southgate, MI- Said opened with a 1-2 combo then shot for a double leg. Vargas stopped the initial burst but Said was still attached to Vargas. In the clinch, Said had Vargas up against the cage. Vargas tried to spin for a kimura then an armbar but Said punched his way out.

Vargas got back to his feet but Said was still attached to Vargas before hitting a trip. Vargas got back up and broke free from the clinch. Said hit a single leg but Vargas bounced right back up. Said punched his way forward but couldn’t land. Vargas hit a big body kick. Said then went back in for a take down. He pushed Vargas to the fence while landing knees to the thigh of Vargas in the clinch as round one ended.

Said opened with some spinning kicks and big punches but Vargas looked unaffected. Vargas then threw some kicks of his own before stuffing a take down from Said. In another attempt, Said got the take down then got the back of Vargas, working for a choke. Vargas hung tough and got out of the back mount. In a scramble, Vargas grabbed the cage and as a result Vargas got a point taken away. Action resumed and Vargas was letting his kicks fly and hit a uppercut. Said answered with a right hook.

Said tried for a judo take down but it failed and Vargas ended up on the back of Said, working for a choke. Vargas was squeezing hard but Said turned his head out. Vargas got the body triangle in and looked to land some big shots to the head of Said as the second round ended.

Said opened up with some punches but Vargas stayed out of range. Said shot in for another take down but Vargas kept against the cage with one knee up. The ref then broke them up. Vargas hit a big right before another take down attempt by Said.

Said hit that take down and tried for the back but Vargas got out and back to his feet. At range, Vargas stepped in a for a big knee. Then a nice jab from Vargas. Then Vargas hits a flying knee out of nowhere! The ref waved this fight off.

Officially Pipe Vargas def. Saidyokub Kakhramonov by KO (Flying knee to the head) at 3:17 of Round 3 of our co-main event. Vargas improves to (7-1) and Kakhramonov falls to (6-2). For the full fight results from Warrior Wednesday I, click here.

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