Tweedy punches his way to the 155 belt over Putvin

Southgate, MI- Putvin hit a jab then Tweedy hit a leg kick that dropped Putivn, Tweedy drops down but Putvin tried a armbar but Tweedy got out. Back on the feet, Tweedy hit a good head kick before Putvin started landed big shots on Tweedy.

Tweedy got bloodied up from the punches of Putivn but landed a take down and started hitting Putivn with some hard shots to the head before letting him back up. Tweedy then hit a nice spinning combination. Then Tweedy hit a bomb of a right hand that sent Putivn down. A few punches on the ground and it’s over!

Officially Austin Tweedy def. David Putvin by KO (punches to the head on the ground) at 2:50 of Round 1 in the main event of Warrior Wednesday. Tweedy is now (11-2) and has finished all of his pro wins, Putivn drops to (9-3). For the full fight results from Warrior Wednesday I, click here.

With the win, Tweedy sets up a future date with Justin Jaynes to complete the 4-man lightweight tournament for the undisputed WXC 155 champion. We at WXC wanted to find the best 155 champion we could, so we brought in Tweedy, Putvin, Noble and Jaynes to do so. Justin Jaynes, already won the first semi-final fight by defeating Brandon Noble by KO at WXC 75 to move onto the finals. Now with Tweedy’s win over Putvin, these two standout fighters will collide. The undisputed 155 championship fight is tentatively scheduled for our April 24th Warrior Wednesday. Stay tuned to for more information about this lightweight showdown.

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