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Turner wins pro debut by TKO at WXC 70

Wayne, MI- Chrissie Daniels vs Hayley Turner was the only pro women’s bout featured on WXC 70. The bout was in the bantamweight division. Both women came right out at each other but Turner got a take down. Initially in side control, Daniels created a scramble and got half guard. Turner then lost the position and both returned to their feet. Daniels got into a clinch after Turner landed a good knee to the body.

In the clinch Turner dropped Daniels and started throwing some ground and pound. Daniels tried to push her off but Turner just continued to throw non stop. The continuation of punches forces the ref to stop this bout just seconds before round one ends. Turner wins her pro debut by TKO.

Officially Hayley Turner improves to (1-0) and wins by TKO at 4:56 of round one. Daniels falls to (2-4) in her career. For the results on the rest of WXC 70, click here. The entire event can be watched on UFC Fightpass starting at 6pm EST on Sunday November 12th, 2017.

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