Thommes grinds his way to victory over Estell

Southgate, MI- Darius ‘Solo Beast’ Estell fought Edward ‘The Promise’ Thommes at 145 lbs. Thommes started with some kicks before hitting a nice take down. Thommes then worked on top from half guard. Estell framed and worked his way towards the fence and then to his feet.

On the fence Thommes dropped for another double leg and secured the shot. He then worked on top in full guard. Estell was doing a good job of controlling the posture of Thommes. Then Thommes stepped up to pass and got the back of Estell.

Estell was fighting off the choke from Thommes in back mount. Estell had one leg free and used it to get back to full guard. Thommes passed and then was in half guard then side control. Round 2 ended with Thommes on top in side control. Estell came out swinging hard and landed some bombs before Thommes changed levels and got another take down. Estell threatened with a guillotine but Thommes passed guard to defend. Thommes then transitioned to the back. Estell turtled back to his knees.

Estell rolled for a knee bar but couldn’t get the angle right. Thommes re-adjusted and landed some punches to avoid the hold. Estell tried another front choke but Thommes wound up on top. Estell tried to scramble out but Thommes maintained position in half guard top. Thommes tried for mount but Estell switched his hips to keep him in half guard. Round two ended with Thommes on top in half guard.

Estell faked a knee then threw one which was caught by Thommes but Estell stopped the take down. Then Estell stuffed a second then a third take down attempt by Thommes. Estell landed some rights in between the defense of these take downs. Thommes tried again and landed the take down this time.

Then in a scramble Estell locked in a tight guillotine choke on Thommes. He was hanging tough in the choke as Thommes was pushing him into the fence with his head still trapped. Estell continued to squeeze on this choke and Thommes couldn’t get his head free. Thommes finally broke the grip just as the final bell sounded. We head to judges score card for a decision.

Officially Edward Thommes wins by unanimous decision over Darius Estell (29-28 x3) Thommes improves to (8-3) and Estell falls to (5-2). For full results on Warrior Wednesday II, click here.

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