Support your favorite fighter for WXC 75

Support your favorite fighter for WXC 75: Night of Champions XI on February 1, 2019. Enter the code shown below for your favorite fighter upon checkout for any online ticket order for WXC 75. A portion of each ticket order will go directly to that fighter when their promo code is used. So get your ticket for WXC 75 from Crystal Gardens in Southgate, Michigan today! Click link to purchase tickets now;

Justin Jaynes- jaynes75

Brandon Noble- noble75

Eric Ramirez- ramirez75

Dan Berry- berry75

Pancho Theuer- theuer75

Mario Aguilar- aguilar75

Greg Sizemore- sizemore75

Marcello Solinas- solinas75

Elijah Cavender- cavender75

Adam King- king75

Jason Fischer- fischer75

Joe Elmore- elmore75

Andrew Crushshon- crushshon75

Floyd Jones- jones75

Latavious Harris- harris75

Darnell White- white75

Conor Helmrich- helmrich75

Brandon Janes- janes75

Lynz Stevens- stevens75

Hainite Tuitupou- tuitupou75

Colton Miller- miller75

Mike Walker- walker75

Joe Nagy- nagy75

Bryan Stzykiel- stzykiel75

Paul Fleming- fleming75

Dylan LaCroix- lacroix75

Kody Molter- molter75

Sherman Lovely- lovely75

Ryan Clark- clark75

Rigels Ceri- ceri75

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