Solinas gets 1st pro MMA with KO of Sizemore

Southgate, MI- Solinas started with a straight right but didn’t seem to bother Sizemore. Then Sizemore hit a leg kick which Solinas caught and used to get a take down and get on top in guard. Solinas couldn’t do much in guard so the ref stands them up. Now on the feet they both landed punches at each other as they clinched. Sizemore had his back against the cage and reserved to land some knees and get his own take down. Sizemore ended up on top in guard.

Sizemore opened up a cut on the forehead of Solinas with an elbow. Sizemore ends the round on top in guard. To start round two, Sizemore started with a leg kick. Solinas hit a left hook but not much on it. Solinas lands a little harder on a another attempt but Sizemore kept coming, trying to work the jab. Solinas then landed a huge right out of nowhere. Ref steps in to stop this one by KO.

Officially Marcello Solinas defeats Greg Sizemore by KO at 1:26 of Round 2 (Overhand right to the head) at WXC 75. Solinas improves to (1-1) and Sizemore falls to (3-5-1).

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