Smith stops Mack in the 1st round

Southgate, MI- Josh Smith took Shawn Mack in a 130 lbs. catch-weight bout. Leg kick by Smith until he dove for the shot after a big punch by Mack. Smith was able to pass and got side control and was working for a choke. Mack worked his way out and got a take down but Smith held onto the head and used it to sweep Mack.

Smith now worked on top in half guard. Tried to land some punches but Mack was controlling the posture well. Smith was able to explode for a second but Smith was staying tight, chest on chest.

Smith hit a big elbow and tried to pass but Mack was holding onto the position well. Mack tried to roll and turtle out but Smith trapped Mack in between and was pouring down shots. Mack can’t stop the flow of punches and this one is over!

Officially Josh Smith wins by TKO at 4:33 of Round 1 over Shawn Mack. Smith is now 3-0 inside the WXC steel and (8-5) overall. Mack is now (6-6). For the full results from Warrior Wednesday III, click here.

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