Sizemore wins rematch vs Maulding by submission

Southgate, MI- A middleweight bout between Greg Sizemore and Marcus Maulding took place at WXC 72: Inferno as part of the professional card. Round one starts with a brief flurry by Marcus but he didn’t land much. Sizemore then clinched but Marcus worked out of it by throwing big shots. Marcus then went into a clinch of his own, putting Sizemore against the fence. Ref James Lee broke up the clinch and they are back at range. Another flurry by Marcus but Sizemore hung in, Marcus tried another and hit a few punches on his way into another clinch.

Marcus backed out and then flurried again to force another clinch with Sizemore up against the cage. Sizemore switched the position as the round ended. Marcus tried a spinning back fist but Sizemore countered with a right then they clinched. Sizemore hit a double leg to get on top in guard. Marcus rolled for an armbar but gave up his back. Sizemore then immediately sinks in the rear-naked choke. Marcus tapped and Sizemore wins the rematch.

Officially Greg Sizemore wins by submission via rear-naked choke at 1:15 of round two over Marcus Maulding. Greg Sizemore improves his record to (3-4-1) and Marcus Maulding falls to (4-7). For a complete list of results for WXC 72: Inferno click here.

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