Sizemore grinds his way to victory over Gibbs

Southgate, MI- Sizemore opened up with two hard leg kicks. Gibbs tried to counter a leg kick with a left hook but missed. A lot of kicks from Sizemore to start this one. Gibbs rushed forward but Sizemore caught Gibbs and planted him on the ground.

Sizemore then worked on top in guard but wasn’t landing much. He postured up to try and pass and got half guard briefly then back to guard. Sizemore landed a huge elbow as Gibbs tried to posture up.

Sizemore got side control briefly and landed some elbows before Gibbs got guard back. Sizemore worked again and passes for side control. Round 1 ended with Sizemore hitting some knees and punches in side control.

Left landed for Gibbs then a leg kick. Sizemore hit a hard leg kick then a front kick. Gibbs tried a kick to the body but Sizemore blocked. Another hard leg kick from Sizemore.

Sizemore landed leg kicks to the in and outside of the legs of Gibbs often. Sizemore caught a kick from Gibbs and took him down. Sizemore worked on top from guard again.

Gibbs pushed his way towards the fence but Sizemore worked and passed to side control. Gibbs was trying to stand up but Sizemore was hitting punches and knees to the body. Gibbs finally worked back up to the clinch and Sizemore was down briefly but he got back up. They both continued to work from the clinch as the horn for round 2 sounds. We head to round 3.

More kicks from Sizemore to start round 3. They both landed to the body before they clinched. Sizemore hit another take down and got into side control. He worked for an Americana but spin out did Gibbs to defend. Sizemore landed some knees and punches to the head of Gibbs.

Gibbs was able to work back to the guard but Sizemore was landing some short shots on the inside as he moved into half guard. Gibbs tried to turn out but Sizemore moved into the mount instead.

Sizemore tried for the back but slipped off and Gibbs landed on top. Sizemore pushed away and scrambled back on top to end round three on top in guard. We head to the judges score cards for the first time tonight.

Officially Greg Sizemore wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26) over Darren Gibbs. For the full results on Warrior Wednesday IV, click here.

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