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Shaw grinds out a victory over Schenavar

Wayne, MI- At 155 lbs. Josh Shaw, a veteran of WXC took on promotional newcomer Mike Schenavar at WXC 70. This was the first fight for Schenavar in over a year after getting injured.

Schenavar started working hard for a take down very early in round one but got put on the mat by Shaw. Schenavar opened up the guard with Shaw still on top. Shaw looked to throw but Schenavar iwas controlling the posture well. Shaw then moved into half guard but at that point had not been able to land anything solid against Schenavar. Shaw continued to move Schenavar around the mat on top in guard. Schenavar finally hit a switch and got back to his feet. Schenavar swung to the back and held Shaw against the cage. Shaw reserved for a throw by Schenavar to get back on top in side control. Shaw ended round one on top.

To start round tow Shaw landed a big take down. He then transitioned to mount, putting Schenavar’s head up against the cage. Schenavar recovered guard and was controlling the posture. Ref stood them up but Shaw took it right back down with a power double leg. Shaw was briefly in side control before putting the knee on belly. Round two ended with Schenavar recovering guard.

Schenavar came out swinging big and caught Shaw. Schenavar turned for a guillotine choke but couldn’t get it. Shaw spun out of the choke to take the back of Schenavar. Then Shaw transitioned to mount. While in mount with Shaw on top he got the back and started trying for a rear naked choke. Shaw flattened Schenavar out but can’t get the choke. Schenavar then spun but Shaw winds up back in mount. Schenavar moved back to guard, then scrambled for a single leg and got the take down. Schenavar only stayed on top briefly before Shaw overtakes him and got on top in guard. Round three ended with Shaw on top in guard.

Officially Josh Shaw wins by unanimous decision as all three judges scored this fight 30-27 in his favor. Shaw improves to (3-1) and Schenavar falls to (1-2). For the results on the rest of WXC 70, click here. The entire event can be watched on UFC Fightpass starting at 6pm EST on Sunday November 12th, 2017.

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