Ronderos gets the choke over Ramirez

Southgate, MI- Juan Ronderos fought Eric Ramirez in a flyweight bout at Warrior Wednesday III. Ramirez opened up with a superman punch and a body kick on Ronderos. Ramirez hit another body kick before Ronderos went in for a take down. Ronderos was on top as Ramirez tried a butterfly guard but Ronderos transitioned to the back.

Ronderos got the body triangle and was throwing punches at Ramirez. After about a minute, Ramirez was able to spin around and get on top in guard. Ramirez exited the guard and they stand up. They are briefly on the feet before Ronderos took him down again.

Ronderos was striking from the top in guard but Ramirez was staying composed. Ronderos fell back for a leg lock but quickly went back to striking from guard. Ramirez tried to push off but Ronderos took the back again in a scramble.

Ronderos tried for the rear naked choke but the round ended before he can get a finish. We move onto round two. Ronderos came out throwing but Ramirez dodged the shots before landing some of his own. Ronderos got Ramirez up against the cage and hit another take down. Now in half guard, Ronderos worked on top before getting the back once again.

Ramirez tried to dump Ronderos over the top but Ronderos hung on and went for the rear-naked choke. This time he gets the tap! Officially Juan Ronderos wins by rear-naked choke at 1:42 of round two over Eric Ramirez. He stays undefeated at (2-0) with the win at Warrior Wednesday. Ramirez is now (3-5). For the full results from Warrior Wednesday III, click here.

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