Ronderos gets the belt with finish of Elliott

Southgate, MI- The main event of Warrior Wednesday V was for the vacant flyweight WXC championship. Vying for the belt was Juan Ronderos against Matthew Elliott.

Big body kick by Ronderos to start then he went for a take down. Elliott reversed and got the take down instead. Elliott had Ronderos up against the cage and was trying to take the back. Ronderos was up but Elliott is still working for the back and got the hooks in.

Ronderos was able to get back to turtle but Elliott was still vying for the back mount. Ronderos got to his feet briefly then back down as Elliott was trying to get on top. Elliott worked for another take down and had the back again.

Elliott was then trying to go to the mount but Ronderso spun then was mounted briefly but Elliott maintained the back position. Ronderos was then facing Elliott up against the cage taking some knees as Elliot came super close to a choke as the round ends.

Round two started with a Elliott head kick then a take down of Ronderos. Ronderos reverses and got on top briefly before Elliott rolled for a leg but took the back instead. Now Elliott dragged Ronderos up against the cage and got the mount then the back.

Elliott continuing to try for the choke but Ronderos was fighting it off. Ronderos was finally able to spin out and get it back standing. Elliott hit a kick before getting another take down. Ronderos tried for an inverted bull dog choke and this one is over!!!

Upon review, the referee brought this fight to a close due to the arm of Elliott popping and potentially breaking due to the hold by Ronderos. Officially Juan Ronderos defeats Matthew Elliott by submission (head guard choke/sneaky pete arm lock) at 2:39 of Round 2. For the full results from Warrior Wednesday V, click here.

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