Ronderos defends title in a close split decision win

Southgate, MI- The main event of the evening for Warrior Wednesday X was for the WXC Flyweight championship. The champion Juancamilo Ronderos took on challenger Eric Shelton.

Both feeling each other out throwing faints. Ronderos slips on a kick but Shelton lets him back up. Ronderos tries for a take down and misses. Then Ronderos hits a body kick. 1-2 by Shelton as the Ronderos forces a clinch.

Ronderos hitting some knees inside as Shelton stays on his feet and breaks free. Ronderos with a body kick then Shelton with a right and a body kick. Knee by Ronderos as missed on another take down. Jab by Shelton then Ronderos almost hits the take down but Shelton fights it off as the horn sounds for round one.

Round 2 starts with a low kick by Ronderos. Then a kick by Shelton as Ronderos rushes for a take down. Up against the cage in the clinch now with Shelton’s back on the cage. Shelton hits a switch and gets the take down. Shelton trying to take the back and does.

Ronderos is now fighting off a choke and gets out as Shelton controls from the back mount. Ronderos tries to scramble out once but gets it on the second attempt. Now on the feet as Shelton hits a take down.

Ronderos hits a switch and gets on top and was working for a front choke but Shelton rolls out and starts attacking the back of Ronderos again. Shelton now has the hooks in for the back control. Ronderos is trying to spin out as Shelton looks for a choke. Ronderos works his way out of the back control just as the bell for the second round sounds.

Jab by Ronderos then a big jumping knee by Shelton then a take down by Shelton. Ronderos trying to stand right back up using some elbows. Shelton now going for the back but Ronderos spins out first. Then Ronderos tries for a choke.

Shelton out of the choke with a sit out then tries for a take down of his own. Shelton can’t get Ronderos down as tries for a body lock from behind and then drags Ronderos to the ground. Ronderos trying to spin out but Shelton has the hooks in deep.

Ronderos works out from a nice choke attempt and works back to his feet. Shelton still has the body lock and drags Ronderos back down. Round 3 ends with Shelton in the back mount.

Shelton 1-2 then a leg kick by Ronderos. Ronderos blocks a high kick then hits a low kick. Shelton dances around a rush by Ronderos who only lands a kick. Another kick by Ronderos who moves forward for a take down. Shelton defending well up against the cage.

Ronderos still working in the clinch as Shelton has his back on the cage fence. Shelton reverses the position and gets Ronderos to the ground briefly then gets him back down and tries for the mount trapping the legs of Ronderos.

Ronderos throwing a lot of little shots on the inside as Shelton has his legs controlled up against the cage fence. Ronderos keeps busy as Shelton tries to flatten out but can’t do it as Shelton briefly has the back as the horn for round four sounds.

Both guys throwing to start round five. Shelton tries for a take down but Ronderos sprawls and stays up right then goes into the clinch trying for his own take down. Knee by Ronderos on the inside. Shelton almost hits a trip but gets Ronderos up against the cage.

Ronderos sprawls on Shelton take down attempt as Ronderos tries for a guillotine choke. Shelton switches to a single leg but continues to stay on his feet. Shelton is working hard and drags Ronderos to his butt. Ronderos with more short shots to the head.

Ronderos back to his feet briefly as Shelton drags him down again. Ronderos back up then back down as the keep trading position. Ronderos on his feet again working for a single leg and gets it.

Ronderos with a front choke briefly then a big scramble as Shelton works for a take down. He has it for a second as Ronderos spins and goes in for one of his own. The horn for the fifth round sounds and we head to the judges score cards. Hard fought by both!

Officially Juancamilo Ronderos wins by split decision (48-47 x2, 47-48) over Eric Shelton to stay the WXC Flyweight champion. For the full results from Warrior Wednesday X, click here.

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