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Ramirez wins first fight in over three years

Wayne, MI- The highly anticipated return of ‘The Ram’ Eric Ramirez happened against one of the best fighters in Michigan in Jesse Bazzi. This bout took place in the bantamweight division. Both have been able to touch each other’s chin with some good power punches. However both have been able to eat them and have only landed single shots so far.

Round one was a real back and forth affair and a real even frame. Both have landed but neither had really been able to swing the fight in their favor. Round two started with a feeling out process as both were not trying to over extend themselves to leave an opening. Then Bazzi threw a push kick that Ramirez countered with a huge punch that dropped the Detroit native. Ramirez then grabbed up for a guillotine choke and Bazzi did not tap but the ref had to pull Ramirez off him as he went out cold.

Officially Ramirez wins by guillotine choke at 1:12 of round two. Ramirez improves to (3-1) and Bazzi falls to (7-4). This win was the first for Ramirez since September of 2014 and his third submission victory. For the results on the rest of WXC 70, click here. The entire event can be watched on UFC Fightpass starting at 6pm EST on Sunday November 12th, 2017.

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