Potter shines in WXC debut at WWX

Southgate, MI- The co-main event of Warrior Wednesday X was in the Heavyweight division. Dylan Potter battled Charles ‘Dingo’ Brown in what was the fifth fight of the evening.

Brown with head kick to start then Potter with a low kick then a high kick. Front kick by Potter then a stinging right. Brown is wobbled but still standing as he takes a lot of big punches and knees but Potter backs off taking his time.

Then Potter with more kicks and punches as Brown is trying to throw back but can’t land. Potter with a body kick then up high as Brown covers up and the ref steps in and this one is over!

Officially Dylan Potter wins by TKO (kick to the head) at 2:20 of Round 1 over Charles Brown. For the full results from Warrior Wednesday X, click here.

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