Parisian beats Maulding in action packed main event

Leg kick by Parisian to start then a spinning kick. Leg kick by Maulding then a high kick misses for Parisian then a big right by Maulding. Another left by Maulding then a level change and a HUGE double leg slam by Maulding. Maulding now works on top in guard.

Maulding trying to posture up as Parisian worked his nack towards the fence. Maulding then goes for a choke briefly but in the scramble Parisian gets back to his feet then a low shot on Maulding gives us a pause in the action.

Maulding appears to be ok and is taking his time getting ready to return to the action. Time in and both guys throwing bombs then Maulding takes Parisian back down. Parisian is able to work back up quickly. Maulding with some bombs then a huge counter by Parisian and this one is all over!!!

Officially Josh Parisian wins by TKO at 3:57 of Round 1 over Marcus Maulding in the UFC FightPass main event of Warrior Wednesday 11. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday 11 click here.

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