Noble beats Wertz in a back and forth war at WW8

Southgate, MI- The featured fight of the evening was in the lightweight division. Brandon ‘The Beast’ Noble took on Kory ‘The Junkyard Dog’ Wertz in the third fight for UFC Fight Pass.

Wertz opened up fast and hard on Noble but Noble was doing a good job with his foot work. Wertz did hit a nice right then a body kick by Noble. Wertz with a another right then a jab by Noble along with a leg kick. Right and a knee by Noble.

Both guys landed some combos then a big right right with a body kick by Noble. Then another leg kick by Noble then a right. Wertz hit a right hook then a uppercut. Left by Noble then a big knee by Wertz followed with a left. Noble then with another right.

They were landing back and forth and were not backing down. Elbow by Wertz then a straight right by Noble. Uppercut by Wertz then a three piece combo by Wertz. They both continued to throw as Wertz hit a jumping right. What a round!

Round two started with some leg kicks by Wertz then a body kick by Noble. Two piece by Wertz landed then a punch kick combo by Noble. Wertz with a uppercut then Noble with another body kick. Big left by Wertz then Noble with a right and a body kick.

Wertz with a nice combo with the hands and then a right. Another five piece combo by Wertz as Noble answered with a right. Wertz hit three punches then Noble answered with the same. Noble ad Wertz both land then a left hand by Wertz. Big right by Noble.

Two big rights by Noble then a left by Wertz. Wertz missed then a hook and leg kick. Uppercut by Wertz then another in a four piece combo. Noble with a body kick then Wertz back on with a right. Both swinging as the second round ended.

Wertz came out very aggresive to start and hit a hook and a leg kick. Noble with a right. Then a body kick then Wertz with a low kick and a one two. Jab by Noble then a three piece by Wertz. Noble with a right. Wertz to the body then the head. Break in the action for a eye poke.

Noble appears to be ok and returns to action. Three piece by Wertz then Noble with two. Wertz with two hooks then a leg kick. Wertz then with more kicks and two punches inside. Then two more by Wertz. Noble pushing forward with a right then a body kick.

Big knee by Noble then Wertz with a low kick. Shot to the body by Wertz then a big right by Noble. Uppercuts by Wertz then Noble with a hook and low kick. Wertz with two big rights then Noble charges forward landing bombs.

Noble then with double jab as Wertz tried to paw in one more left as the horn sounds for the final round. WOW what a fight! These two guys went from start to finish with non-stop action. We head to the judges score cards with another close fight.

(29-28, 30-27, 29-28) For your winner by unanimous decision, Brandon ‘The Beast’ Noble over Kory Wertz. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday VIII, click here.

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