Noble beats Blassingame in the pro rematch

Southgate, MI- Our next fight was at lightweight and a re-match. Brandon Noble (8-6) vs Antoine Blassingame (5-5) in the second pro fight of the evening. Noble beat Blassingame as an amateur at WXC 50. Blassingame opened with a nice leg kick. They were feeling each other out before Noble hit a body kick. Then a leg kick by Noble. A lot of kicks by both as they have been avoiding each others punches until a right hand and head kick by Noble landed.

After the head kick, Blassingame went in for a take down. Noble was doing a good job staying upright. Noble missed on a combo but stuffed another take down. Noble hit a right then a nice leg and body kick. Blassingame countered with a left.

Noble then charged forward for a take down, which forced a clinch. He got Blassingame down briefly but he was able to run out. At range Noble hit a big left hook then a body kick. Another left hook and leg kick landed for Noble. Blassingame hit a shot low but Noble is ok and they fight on as Blassingame hit a four piece combo then a big right as the first round ended.

Noble with more leg kicks to start the frame. Then a two piece from Noble as Blasingame hit a counter right. Noble with a body kick then Blassigame landed a leg kick and changed levels to get a take down. Noble is down briefly before getting the fight back up.

Now in the clinch, Noble worked to put Blassingame’s back on the fence then dragged him to the ground. Noble passed the guard and got to side control. Blassingame tried to bridge out but Noble was staying heavy on top.

Blassingame was able to work his way towards the fence but Noble moved and took the back. He worked for the choke but Blassingame hung on tough and Noble gave up the choke. Noble held the seat belt from the back and ended the round in the dominant position.

Blassingame came out strong and hit a few kicks and big elbow as he forced a clinch. Blassingame was using dirty boxing on Noble up against the cage. Noble reversed the clinch the broke away. Blassingame hit a huge three piece then a big right before trying for take down.

Noble stuffed the take down again and was able to reverse the position up against the cage before dragging Blassingame down. Noble was trying to pass but Blassingame went to turtle to try and stand up. Noble tried for another double leg but Blassingame stuffed it.

Blassingame tried a double leg of his own but Noble hit the switch and got on top. Blassingame worked back up to this feet but Noble tried for another take down as Blassingame hit an illegal elbow. Noble was talking with the doctor and ref and appeared to be ok, was taking all the time he can to recover from the elbow. The ref took away one point from Blassingame as we returned to action.

Blassingame ran at Noble throwing a variety of strikes trying to end this thing. Noble got tagged but was able to hang on to hear the final bell. What a fight! We head to the judges score cards for the first time tonight. Officially Brandon Noble defeats Antoine Blassingame by unanimous decision (29-27 x3). Noble improves to (9-6) and Blassingame falls to (5-6). For the full results from Warrior Wednesday III, click here.

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