Morais stops Estell in the third round by KO in WXC 72 co-main event

Southgate, MI- The co-main event of WXC 72: Inferno was a featherweight match-up between Drew Morais and Darius Estell. The fight opened up with kicks by both before Morais hit a take down. Morais finally passed the guard but Estell rolled to turtle. Morais momentarily had the back but Estell moved back guard. Estell then worked himself back up to the feet.

Morais then rushed back in for a clinch but Estell kept it up against the cage. They broke upbut then Morais clipped Estell with a short right. Morais swarmed Estell who was on wobbly legs. Morais then took him back down as the round ends with Drew on top.

Both start round two by trading some punches before Morais gets in a clinch. They break and Morais catches Estell with another big right. Morais then hit a big hip toss to get the fight to the ground and got mount. Estell worked himself back up using the cage for help. They then were in the clinch up against the cage as Morais went for another take down.

Estell stopped it and pushed off to force a clinch himself. Morais reversed the tables and put Estell on the cage. Morais hits a parting shot that drops Estell. Morais swarms but the round ends before Morais could get a finish. Morais came out with a left that stunned Estell as they started round three. Two more shots land as Morais moved in on Estell and then the referee came on to stop this one by knockout.

At 0:08 of round three, Drew Morais knocks out Darius Estell in the co main event. Drew Morais improves his record to (9-4) and Darius Estell falls to (3-1). For a complete list of results for WXC 72: Inferno click here.

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