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Morais earns a hard fought victory over Alfaro

Wayne, MI- This bout featured the MMA return of Manny Alfaro against WXC veteran Drew Morais at a catchweight of 150 lbs. The match started with Morais opening up with leg kicks before Alfaro threw some hand combinations. Both fighters were being patient and waiting for the big shot as they were feeling each other out in the first round. Morais then hits a throw and gets on top of Alfaro. Morais can’t hold the position and they return to standing. Alfaro lands a nice right which is noted with a smile by Morais.

In round two, Alfaro lands a solid left hook and Morais responds with a take down. Morais pushes Alfaro up into the cage and tried to take the back. Morais got the hooks in and took the back and then looked to soften up Alfaro with strikes. Morais got the arms across the face but Alfaro sliped out. However Morais maintained positions and ends the round in control.

Power shots exchanged by both as Morais gets a single leg take down to open up round three. Alfaro tried to sit up but Morais pushed him back down in guard. Alfaro then got himself up against the cage but Morais worked right back at him for the mount. Morais continued to stay right on Alfaro and did his best to not allow him to get back up. Morais landed a few punches as Alfaro finally got back to his feet. The round ends shortly after with both men standing.

After all three rounds the fight went to the score cards. The judges scored this one 30-27 and 29-28 on two cards for Drew Morais by unanimous decision. Morais improves his record to (8-4) and Alfaro falls to (3-2). For the results on the rest of WXC 70, click here. The entire event can be watched on UFC Fightpass starting at 6pm EST on Sunday November 12th, 2017.

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