Moore gets past Ramirez at WXC 72

Southgate, MI- In a featured professional bout at WXC 72: Inferno, Taylor Moore fought Eric Ramirez in a bantamweight bout. To start round one, Moore hit a body kick and Ramirez tried to answer but hit the kick low. Brief stoppage for the low kick. Then Moore hit another good body kick which caused Ramirez to fall but he got back up quickly.

Another kick by Ramirez below the belt stopped the action again but Moore recovered quickly. Both seemed content to trade kicks before Moore shot for a double leg and got it up against the cage. Moore in the guard was not able to get much offense as Ramirez was controlling posture well. After some time on top, Moore was finally starting to land hard shots, especially elbows from the top to the head of Ramirez. Just before the first round horn sounded, Ramirez threw a few elbows of his own from bottom.

Moore landed a right hook before going in and getting another take down to start round two. Ramirez tried for a submission but couldn’t get his legs up. Moore tried for a arm triangle but couldn’t get out of half guard to finish. Ramirez then went for a kimura but lost the grip and Moore landed a few big punches before taking the back of Ramirez.

Ramirez almost got back to his feet but Moore took him back down. Round two ends with Moore on top in guard. Ramirez rushed in for a flurry to start round three but didn’t get anything. A body kick by Moore lead to another take down. Ramirez tried a front choke but Moore popped his head out and got back on top in guard. Moore then landed some hard elbows from the top.

Ramirez tried to get out but Moore took his back instead. Ramirez rolled out and got back to guard. Moore continued to land on the inside of the guard as the round ended with a big flurry by Moore.

Officially Taylor Moore wins by unanimous decision after all three rounds scoring 30-27 on all score cards. Taylor Moore improves his record to (8-4) and Eric Ramirez falls to (3-2). For a complete list of results for WXC 72: Inferno click here.

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