Moore ends the battle with Robinson by triangle choke

Southgate, MI– The third fight of Warrior Wednesday VI moved to the bantamweight division. In that was Taylor Moore vs Josh Robinson.

Moore opened up with a high kick then a 1-2 by Robinson. Another kick or three by Moore then a knee. Robinson landed a nice flurry of punches on the inside. Then they both landed a hook. Robinson missed on a combo then a high kick followed by a take down by Moore.

Robinson got back up quickly as Robinson landed some nice elbows as Moore took him down once then twice as Robinson was proving to be difficult to keep down. Then Moore was able to settle in on top in guard landing nice shots to the head and to the body.

Another big elbow by Moore as he continued to land inside the full guard. Those elbows opened up Robinson who tried to get back to his feet but Moore was staying heavy on top. Round 1 ended with Moore on top.

Moore tried a knee but Robinson countered with a nice left then landed a nice series of kicks to the body. Moore ate a few before landing a take down. Moore then worked from guard on top once again.

Robinson moved to half guard then Moore had a look at his back but Robinson dumped him over the top. Robinson was then on top in guard. Robinson then got side control and Moore turned as Robinson tried for a anaconda set-up but Moore stood up instead.

Then Moore went right back in for the take down after getting back to his feet and was successful. Robinson tried for a sweep from half-guard and got back to his feet. Tried a brief front choke does Robinson as he ended the round on top in guard.

High kick partially landed for Moore as Robinson went in and hit a take down. Moore tried for an arm bar but Robinson kept Moore stacked. Moore turtled out and Robinson hit a huge knee for his efforts. Moore then got a take down but Robinson hit the switch.

Robinson had Moore up against the cage and was cranking hard on his neck but Moore hung on and then ate a knee. Another knee by Moore as he went for a take down as Moore almost hit the rolling kimura but Robinson rolls through to be on top in guard.

Moore then threw up his legs for a triangle choke and gets the tap! Officially Taylor Moore wins by Triangle choke submission over Josh Robinson at 3:03 of Round 3. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday VI, click here. 

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