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Maulding beats Kuppe with a flying knee

The first of two rematches at WXC 71 pitted Marcus Maulding against Korey Kuppe in the middleweight division. Kuppe won the first fight by submission in August of last year. Round one begins with a brief exchange as Maulding caught a kick from Kuppe. He landed a few before Kuppe got his leg out. Kuppe tried for a double leg but Maulding stuffed it. Maulding broke up the clinch. Maulding ducked under a punch and picked Kuppe up for a huge slam!

Kuppe recovered and got the fight back to standing. He eats a few punches from Maulding as they clinch briefly. Maulding then landed a flying knee it was all over! Officially Marcus Maulding wins the rematch by KO over Kuppe at 3:35 of round one. Maulding improves to (4-6) and Kuppe falls to (6-3). For the rest of the results from WXC 71, click here.

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