Martin gets by Valdez with 1st Round TKO win

Southagte, MI- The second fight of the evening was in the Heavyweight as Jonathan Martin fought Abel Valdez. This was the WXC debut for both fighters and the pro debut for Valdez.

Low kick for Valdez to start then a body kick by Martin. Valdez shot for a double leg up against the cage but Martin was defending well. Valdez was switching to a single leg but Martin was able to stay on his feet.

Still battling in the clinch as Valdez landed a shot over the top with a right hand. Martin was then adding big elbows to the body as he sprawled out and then added some knees. Then a big knee by Martin as he sprawled out again on Valdez then took his back and was throwing shots.

Martin then got the hooks in and just kept throwing and landing shots. Valdez wasn’t able to move so the ref stops this one by TKO! Officially Jonathan Martin wins by TKO at 3:00 of Round 1 over Abel Valdez. For full results from Warrior Wednesday IX click here.

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