King chokes his way to victory over Cavender

Southgate, MI- Left hook by Cavender and then King hit a take down. Cavender tried for an omoplata but King pulled out and got to half guard on top. King went around the legs and got to side control. King threw his leg over to try a choke but Cavender got out the back door. King went for another take down and got it. He then transitioned to mount.

Cavender briefly escaped but King pushed him back down. Cavender got out and on top and tried for an arm bar then triangle but King got out and went to mount again. King almost got the choke but Cavender got out.

Cavender tried to spin out but King took the back and started choking Cavender. King got the tap just moments before the bell for a submission victory! Officially Adam King def. Elijah Cavender by Submission at 4:59 of Round 1 (Rear-naked choke) at WXC 75. King is now (5-2) and Cavender falls to (2-3).

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