Josh Smith chokes his way to victory at Warrior Wednesday I

Southgate, MI- They both started out fast, throwing punches. Ramirez hit a head kick then tried for choke but Smith got out. They then break but Ramirez hit a kick low. A break in the action as Smith recovers as the kick was below the belt.

Back at it, Ramirez hit leg kick then Smith shot in and got a take down. Ramirez got Smith in half guard and then recovered full guard. Smith went to throw punches but Ramirez rolled for a knee bar and some how Smith hung on and didn’t tap.

Smith stepped out of the knee bar and got top control in guard back. Smith then got the back of Ramirez and tried to pound him out. Ramirez was hanging tough and grabbed one of Smith’s hands, then tried to turn and re-guard which he did. Smith worked to get back to the back mount from the guard again. Smith was throwing punches and tried hard to get a finish but round one ended.

Round two began with Smith shooting a double leg and getting it. Smith moved right into the back mount and was flattening Ramirez out. Ramirez was then on his side but was still taking shots. Smith got his hands under the chin and got the tap!

Officially Josh Smith wins by Submission (Rear-naked choke) at 1:12 of Round 2 over Eric Ramirez. Smith is now (7-5) and Ramirez falls to (3-4). For the full fight results from Warrior Wednesday I, click here.

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