Jose Johnson becomes new WXC champion with TKO win

Southgate, MI- The main event of the evening was for the vacant WXC bantamweight championship. Vying for the title at Warrior Wednesday VI was Jose Johnson vs Pipe Vargas.

Leg kick by Johnson to start. Then a Johnson with a three piece combo followed by a body kick. Then a few more kicks by Johnson. Then a 1-2 by Johnson who then partially landed a high kick. Leg kick then straight right by Vargas.

Leg kick by both as Johnson landed another 1-2 then a right by Vargas with a body kick afterwards. Jab by Johnson stunned Vargas. Johnson went high again and Vargas landed a counter hook. Another 1-2 by Johnson then Vargas took him down.

Johnson got up then starts unloading elbows and knees in the clinch. He was all over Vargas and then dropped Vargas and then the fight was over. Officially Jose Johnson wins by KO (knees and elbows to the head) at 3:39 of Round 1. For the full results of Warrior Wednesday VI, click here. 

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