Jones wins pro debut by submission over Crushshon

Southgate, MI- Crushshon opened with a 1-2 punch combo and then got a take down. He was in a quarter guard position as Jones tried to use his legs to get Crushshon back in full guard and then out of half guard. Crushshon was landing nice elbows from half guard as Jones tried to get out of half guard again. Crushshon tried to get to pass the half guard but Jones recovered to full guard. Crushshon was doing a good job of staying on top and landing damage.

Crushshon postured up to try and pass does get back to half guard. Jones spun and inverted to try for a knee bar then a heel hook but Crushshon was able to pull his leg out and get back on top. From the open guard Crushshon got mount. Crushshon then opted for side control as round one ended.

Jones opened round two up with a leg kick then a head kick. Crushshon then shot in for a take down and got his head caught in Jones’ arms. Jones then applied a guillotine choke and got the tap!

Officially Floyd Jones defeats Andrew Crushshon by Submission at 0:16 of Round 2 (Guillotine choke) at WXC 75. Jones is now (1-0) and Crushshon drops to (0-3).

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