Jones earns win in hard fought fight vs Stargel

Southgate, MI- The third fight of the evening saw former WXC amateur champion Floyd Jones return to the WXC steel against WXC newcomer Perry Stargel. The bout was contested at 170 lbs.

Head kick by Jones to open. Then Stargel hits a big take down after catching a kick from Jones. Then Jones pops back up then throws another kick before trying for a take down of his own.

Then Jones hits a double leg but Stargel works but up to his feet. Jones is looking for another double leg and gets it. Jones now working from half guard top.

Stargel trues s belly down escape and hits it. He is now on top as Jones trues for a triangle choke. Jones gets his legs thrown as Stargel takes the back. Stargel keeps the back but Jones stands up. Jones then turns back around and tries another take down.

We now head to round two as Stargel stuffs a take down by Jones and ends round 1 on top in side control.

Round two starts with a take down by Jones. He now works on top in half guard. Jones tries for a kimura but hits some elbows to the body instead. Then Jones gets into the full mount.

Then Jones moves into the back mount and is working for the choke. Stargel is staying tough and tucking his chin and attacking the hands. He gets out the choke but Jones now has the body triangle in.

Stargel spins and Jones tries to re-adjust but loses the back on goes into half guard. Round two ends with Stargel creating a scramble and getting back to his feet.

Round three with a big body kick by Jones. Jones goes for another double leg by is throwing elbows as Jones hits the take down. Jones now working in half guard on top. Stargel then hits a sweep and gets into full guard on top.

Stargel still working on top full guard as Jones is controlling the posture well. Stargel exits the position as they stand back up. Jones goes back in for a take down as Stargel hits elbows to the side of the head.

Jones still working a take down but Stargel is stuffing the attempt up against the cage. Jones switches from a double leg to a single leg but Stargel is staying up right. Stargel is hitting big shots to the body as the final round ends.

Officially Floyd Jones defeats Perry Stargel by Unanimous decision (29-28 x3). For the full results from Warrior Wednesday X, click here.

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