Jaynes gets 2nd WXC title with KO of Noble

Southgate, MI- Jaynes landed a good left and Noble answered with a right. Noble threw a few thigh kicks before coming forward with a kick punch combo. Jaynes landed a left and then a right then lunged to the body with a right. Noble continued to throw those little thigh kicks.

Jaynes hit a good left but Noble scored up the middle with a right then a 1-2 combo. Jaynes hit a left hook then an uppercut that Noble for sure felt. Noble hit a straight right then just missed and head kick which Jaynes countered with a right and a left hook that dropped Noble. Jaynes came in and landed a few shots on the ground before the ref stops this one by TKO!

Officially Justin Jaynes defeats Brandon Noble by TKO at 3:59 of Round 1 (Punches to the head on the ground) at WXC 75. Jaynes becomes the WXC 155 champion and becomes the ‘champ champ’ as he also is the 145 champion of WXC. Jaynes is now (14-4) and Noble drops to (8-6).

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