Ivy becomes new WXC champ with KO of Black

Southgate, MI- The main event for Warrior Wednesday VII on UFC Fight Pass was for the WXC welterweight title. Trying to defend his title for a second was Willis Black as he took on Fury FC champion and WXC newcomer in Anthony Ivy.

Black started with a kick that missed and same thing for Ivy. Ivy then charged forward for a take down and got it. Ivy ended up on top in half guard. Black worked to get into butterfly guard. He used it to get up to his feet but Ivy took him back down.

Black popped back up and broke the clinch. He started teeing off on Ivy who was covering up and reaching for a take down. Black instead got a take down of his own. Now up against the cage Ivy got back to his feet. Ivy worked back and landed some big shots back.

Black circled out but then Ivy hit a level change and got a take down. He took the back of Black now near the cage working for a choke. Black was flattened out trying to hang tough on the choke attempt. Black got out but Ivy started hitting shots.

Black was able to get out of the back mount but Ivy continued to pressure him with the grappling by staying on top as round 1 ended.

Ivy hit a low kick then goes high with it. Level change by Ivy in on a single then switched to a big slam double leg. He went into side control trying for a choke but Black scrambled out. In the scramble Black got a take down.

Ivy tried to turtle out but Black got half guard in the transition. Then Ivy forced a scramble and got back to turtle. He stood up and hit some very nasty elbows in the clinch before hitting another take down. Then Ivy was on top in full guard.

Ivy passed the guard on then went right into the mount. Black turned and Ivy took the back and had him flattened out again. Ivy worked in his ground and pound while trying to sink in the choke.

Ivy was taking his time and then went for an arm-bar then a triangle but Black fought out. Black was then on top landing some shots trying for the back of Ivy as the second round ended.

First fight in round 3 tonight as Ivy hit a right then a hook to the body. Ivy went in for a double leg and got it. Black then with over hooks trying to stand up but Ivy pulled his legs out and then got the mount. Black was trying to turn out but Ivy stayed heavy.

Ivy landed hard shots on top as Black covered up but Ivy hit a grazing knee that stops the action. Ref James Lee stops it as Ivy committed an accidental foul. Crowd getting into it as Black recovers. Doctor in to look at Black who was sitting up against the cage. He has up to 5 minutes to recover. He was then back on his feet.

Black got looked over and was then ready to continue. Right hand landed for Ivy then a kick by Black. Ivy worked for another take down and got it. Ivy then started unloading on Black as he moved right into the mount then to the back again.

Black got flattened out again just eating shots from the back. Ivy then tried for a choke as they went up against the cage. Black was covering up as Ivy was trying to pick his shots. Ivy tried for an arm bar but Black slipped out. Black then landed a take down of his own. Black got side control briefly as the third round ends. We now go into the championship rounds!

Front kick by Ivy then a right hand. Black tried for an upper cut but Ivy hit a take down. Ivy tried for a knee bar sitting on Black but Black slipped out and Ivy took the back again. More shots from the top by Ivy as Black was just covering up and this is OVER!

Officially Anthony Ivy wins by KO at 2:14 of Round 4 over Willis Black to become the new WXC 170 champion! For the results from Warrior Wednesday VII, click here.

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