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Hunt gets 1st pro win with a KO against Maulding

Wayne, MI- A catchweight bout of 160 lbs. kicked off the professional portion of WXC 70 as Marcus Maulding took on Ken Hunt. As promised these two came out swinging. Marcus landed a head kick which lead to a blitz of punches on Hunt. Then Hunt forced a clinch before Marcus got another head kick off. Maulding tried for two take downs but Hunt dismissed both. A third take down attempted by Maulding worked, who then transitioned to take the back of Hunt.

However, an error by the state of Michigan assigned time keeper ended the first round two minutes early. Even though it ended early, the round had already been stopped so they headed into round two. Both guys came out in the second frame and threw with reckless abandon before Hunt jumped for the back of Maulding after a failed over hand by Marcus. Hunt proceeded to throw fast & furious to force a stoppage in round two.

Officially this fight is stopped at 0:38 seconds of round two for your winner by TKO Ken Hunt. This fight was the first pro win for Hunt who is now (1-1) and Maulding falls to (3-6). For the results on the rest of WXC 70, click here. The entire event can be watched on UFC Fightpass starting at 6pm EST on Sunday November 12th, 2017.

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